• Total Online Presence

    Your online presence is your key to success no matter what your business sells – no matter if all of your transactions are done face-to-face – no matter if you don’t yet see a way to get a return from your Facebook page – no matter if you’ve never bought an online ad.

    The content in this eBook is a showcase of the thinking that we put into our full course called Total Online Presence.  Download the book and let us know if you want to sign up for the course – Starting January.

  • Free Marketing Audit

    Download a FREE Marketing Brand audit and see why small to medium professional companies use Stand Out Results’ services to help them gain the success they deserve and desire with higher sales, lower employee turn-over and more time to do what is important to them.  Market Smarter!

  • Referral Engine Pro

    The power of glitzy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns is on the wane; word-of-mouth referrals are what drives business today.  Do you have a Referral Process in place?  Do your clients become an advocate for your and your services?  Do your clients know what a prospective client of your looks like?  If your answers aren’t YES for each of these questions, I would urge you to attend our Referral Engine Pro Seminar.  For more details, check here.

  • Marketing CAN be Easy!

    Install a proven Marketing System that will help you gain more customers, more profit and more control of your business right away.

    Download our FREE 7 Steps to Marketing Success ebook today!

You want to grow your business.  You want to convert more leads into sales.  And you want to keep your cultivated clients for continued sustainability.  However, marketing your business has always been cumbersome and expensive without the anticipated results.  We understand your frustration.  Through our proven systematic marketing process, Stand Out Results mentors small- to medium-sized business in the  professional services industry on how to stand out within their crowded marketplace.  We make marketing easy and practical by creating simple processes that help your business market and sell itself.

Your Biggest Problem

Everyone is perceived the same within your target market.

We mentor growth with our clients through a strategy effective for their industry, identifying their core differentiators, ideal clients and how to effortlessly increase more prospects through the sales process without actually selling. Our definition of marketing is taking someone with a need and getting them to Know, Like and Trust you. Growing your business through converting more qualified leads with effective strategy using the Duct Tape Marketing Sales Hourglass™ moves your prospects through the Know, Like and Trust stages to the Try and Buy phase and then finally, the Repeat and Refer part-the most important aspects of business sustainability.

Your Biggest Hurdle

Clearly communicate your unique value

Your brand is an extension of yourself and when it doesn’t clearly express what you do, how you do it and why it’s important, prospects and clients stop listening.  Stand Out Results is a unique company that collaborates with clients to develop a stable, easy to understand brand for your business for how to market with a clear voice, both internally and externally.  Once your brand is consistent and clear on the unique benefits you provide and how you’re significantly different from your competitors, sales rise, turnover reduces and you have more time to accomplish what you desire and deserve.

You Biggest Goal

Turn more leads into sales

What your business really needs to do is generate more qualified leads. When prospects are ready to buy, you have taken the selling aspect out of the process, making the whole situation an enjoyable experience. How do you do that? By leading them through the Know, Like, Trust and Try stages before trying to make them Buy from you. Using marketing tools and vehicles to engage prospects before pushing them to purchase, brings you qualified leads at the Try-and finally the Buy-stages, increasing your rate of close.  As a result, less time is dedicated to acquiring higher sales.

7 Steps to Marketing Success

Learn how to Market Smarter with our 7 Steps to Marketing Success eight week e-mail course.

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